If you ever thought about advertising your company or your product at in the airport, just know that it is one of the best places to be on display. Don’t doubt yourself and just do it! Airport advertisements are perceived to be a part of an exciting travelling experience. That will be an undeniable bonus for creating a positive image of your brand among your current or potential customers. Here are 10 reasons why to advertise in the airport is one of the best ideas you have ever had. Airports will definitely make your advertising campaign and your sales fly!

1. People at the airports are very receptive
Remember yourself travelling: This breath-taking feeling of excitement of the upcoming trip. Now, think of millions of other excited passengers like you, who are flying daily from one country to another, from city to another. Business or leisure – it doesn’t matter. The most important is this sense of positivity and adventure which the passengers anticipate to have as soon as they reach their dream destination.
This feeling makes airport audience one of the most receptive ones for any advertisement. Travelers have positive thinking and will receive your messages with the same mood and tone. Moreover, at the airports, they are less distracted in comparison to their usual busy days and have some extra attention for your advertisements.

2. Airport passengers are ready to spend
Travellers see airport or duty-free shopping as an essential part of their travelling experience. Although they have already spent quite enough on their journey, at the airport, being impacted by this distinct feeling of excitement, they are ready to spend even more to multiply the pleasure from travels. Passengers feel like they deserved this trip and deserved to treat themselves (and their loved ones). Airport purchases can be both impulsive and planned. This is especially relevant for duty-free goods or luxury products which are more expensive in the city or simply unavailable in high-street shops. So, tell me: what can be better than advertising to people to are already so eager to buy?

3. Dramatic increase of sales
Based on the data by multiple brands, the sales of brands at the airport are constantly rising. As airport passengers are ready to spend, all you should do is to offer them your advertised products right there on the spot. Make it convenient for travellers to buy your products. Although, try to offer them a discount, and you would not believe how fast your sales will fly!

4. You are reaching prosperous and influential business audiences
You remember that not only vacation travellers are at the airports but also a lot of white-collar professionals and executives are flying all over the world to do business. There are so many influential decision-makers out there, that there is no easier and more efficient way to target this audience but to advertise for them at the airport. This makes airports great not only for B2C but also B2B advertising. And this is true at both local and international levels.

5. Airports are super effective for increasing your brand awareness and brand value

Because the majority of airport passengers are those with rather high income, with particular lifestyle, values and expectations, they anticipate to see brands of high-value and prestige. The same way, they are more receptive to see the advertisement of the luxury-segment brands in this environment, buy their products and be associated with the labels of premium look and quality.

6. High level of concentration among airport passengers
Research shows that people have around 90% awareness about advertisements at the airports. Being in a distinct environment, airport visitors become more attentive and aware what is around them. Their level of concentration is much higher, thus, there are higher chances that they will pay attention to your advertising and remember your messaging. That is definitely something to get advantage from while choosing the location for advertising your brand or product!

7. Possibility to grab the attention of waiting travellers ready for entertainment
As airports are closed environments, passengers have to spend there some time (usually hours) waiting for their scheduled flights, transfers or delays. Thus, it is a perfect chance to capture their attention with your advertising, especially because the majority will perceive your ads as entertainment and capturing distraction from waiting. Undoubtedly one would prefer having fun while going through advertising than pointlessly wondering around the limited airport space.

8. Your chance to communicate with your audiences
Tell your story through advertising to people. At the airport, while they are not disturbed by the daily “noise”, you can involve them into your brand and show that you care about them. Use this moment to make them learn (more) about your brand and its story. Here, they are ready to listen to you.

9. Storytelling paves the passengers’ way to your shops
When your story is told by advertising, now you can easily engage your audience into the shopping right on the spot – in your closest airport store(s). Having attracted passengers’ attention and shown them the value of your products, now you can impact their buying behaviour. All you have to do is to deliver superb advertising messages on how great your brand and products are, and they are already in your store buying your goods and services.

10. Airport audiences are ever-growing
Not only the world population is growing, the number of airport passengers is growing as well. Trending globalisation is only adding to this increase of travellers. Local and international air flights become as accessible and affordable as never before. Nowadays, spending your vacation or opening your business on the other side of our planet is no longer a dream, but a sound reality. Therefore, you simply cannot miss your opportunity to target this ever-increasing and hoped-for airport audience.